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Mission and Vision

The reality of global warming and climate change is increasing its effects day by day. In order to prevent this process and to reduce the negative effects of the process, it is vital to develop design approaches for our cities, our built environment, and our spaces. In line with the realization of this development, Hacettepe University Faculty of Architecture has set its own goals and objectives. In the aforementioned notion, the Faculty of Architecture has adopted the priority of educating designers who are equipped with contemporary knowledge and skills in their profession along with team-building skills, and critical perspective on the existing methods and practices.

The built environment and its components generate 60% of factors contributing to global warming directly or indirectly. Then, it is our responsibility to address and develop solutions to the contemporary crisis. In the meantime, we also have to develop solutions and designs for accessibility for everyone, and actively benefit from the necessary technologies while being aware of professional ethics. Therefore, we (as part of the problem and creators of possible solutions) believe that we have to design eligible, accessible, socially, culturally, environmentally, economically and ethically sustainable, viable, and livable spaces for everyone with this awareness. In addition, we seek to train designers who can design, develop and control buildings that are prepared for natural disasters, which is also the reality in our country. With these aspirations, we anticipate our academic staff to be following contemporary studies, active in their field of study and apply their academic knowledge in the field along with their contributions to the faculty and the university. In this context, we expect, both from our students and researchers, an educational approach where they carry out their studies in regional, national and international areas following universal values, and accessible and sustainable design principles within the framework of professional practice and consultancy adopted and encouraged.

The primary vision of the Faculty of Architecture is to contribute to science, art, technology, and the protection of the environment in accordance with universal design principles and to play a leading role in this field. The aim is to raise professional people who question the concepts of contemporary city and space, can develop critical thinking on history and creativity, can discuss, research, and develop social awareness, have zero waste and sustainability awareness, active in social groups and activities such as student societies. In this context, we want to provide our students with experience in the use of archive and research techniques, as well as studio and field studies, in the courses given within the scope of architectural education. Thus, it will be ensured that the new designers to be trained in our faculty will be individuals who learn by research, discover and interpret knowledge, think multi-dimensionally, and gain experience in teamwork.